What Are the Special Circumstances for Signing Up for Insurance Outside of Open Enrollment?

Having the right type of health insurance is extremely important. There are times, however, when you need to change your policy due to special circumstances. If you simply want to change your coverage, you will need to do so during the open enrollment dates each year. If you have experienced a life-changing event, you can change your policy at any time. In Centralia, IL, the agents at Alcorn Insurance Agency can guide you through the process.

Open Enrollment Dates

Open enrollment dates for Medicare are November 1st to December 7th with your policy taking effect on January 1st of 2020. Open enrollment for all other types of health insurance runs from November 1st to December 15th. Your policy will take effect on January 1st of 2020. Some states do have extended dates. If you have questions about the open enrollment dates in your state contact your insurance agent.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances make it possible for you to change or alter your coverage outside of open enrollment. Examples of life-changing events that make you eligible for changing your policy include marriage, divorce, the death of a spouse, the birth of a child, or the addition of a new dependent. 

The agents of Alcorn Insurance agency can assist residents living in Centralia, IL if they have questions concerning open enrollment dates or what is considered a special circumstance. Life-changing events can be overwhelming. Maintaining your insurance coverage doesn’t have to be. If you need to make changes to your policy and have questions, call the agents at Alcorn Insurance Agency today to get the answers you are looking for. They can help!!

3 Tips to Selecting a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Choosing a life insurance beneficiary is just as important as choosing a policy. By designating a beneficiary, you can earmark who you want to help with financial support upon your demise. Life benefits can go a long way towards helping loved ones carry on in the event of your untimely death. The following tips from Alcorn Insurance Agency in Centralia, IL offer sound advice on selecting a beneficiary for your life policy.

Consider All Options

Before choosing a beneficiary, consider all options. This includes family, friends, business associates, and favorite charities. If you’re married and have children, you’ll probably choose your immediate family as beneficiaries, so they’ll be provided for after you’re gone. This is especially important if you’re the major breadwinner of the family. 

If your spouse and kids have financial support, consider the needs of other loved ones who could greatly benefit from ongoing help when you pass on.

Choose a Beneficiary

In the event your primary beneficiary, the individual(s) you’ve chosen to receive your life benefits, passes on before you do, your contingent beneficiary will automatically receive the benefits upon your demise. This saves you the time and trouble of having to come up with another beneficiary from scratch.

Review Your Policy and Beneficiary Choice Periodically

Review your policy periodically along with your choice of beneficiary to ensure you’ve got it right. As circumstances in your life change, you may decide to update your beneficiary choice(s). If, for example, you purchased your policy as a single and designated a younger sibling as beneficiary, you’ll probably want to change that choice after getting married. There’s nothing wrong with updating this information to align with your current needs and desires.  

To learn more about life insurance coverage, benefits and costs, contact an agent from Alcorn Insurance Agency in Centralia, IL.

Best Ways to Protect Your Small Business

Owning your own business in Centralia, IL  can be very fulfilling, but it can also be very risky. Over time you will invest a lot of your resources into your business. You want to be sure that those resources are protected and the folks at Alcorn Insurance Agency want to help you. Here are some of the best ways to make sure your small business stays protected. 

Separate Your Business Identity From Your Personal Identity

Many people accomplish this by creating an LLC or Limited Liability Company. This ensures that your personal assets are protected even in the event that legal trouble comes against your company. 

Pay Attention to Recordkeeping

In the event that your business gets sued, your recordkeeping could be your salvation. In the legal system, the only thing that matters is documentation. Keeping good records will ensure that you are always able to verify your information. 

Pay Attention to  Digital Security

Today one of the biggest threats facing small business owners is usually of a digital nature. It is almost impossible today to run a business without dealing with personal and financial information from your customers and clients. Your customers and clients are depending on you to keep this information safe. Investing in your digital security and making this a priority can help to keep you safe from information breaches. An information breach could be devastating to your small business. 

Invest in Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is necessary in order to keep your company safe from liability of all types. Problems will happen. People get injured. People have bad experiences with your services or products. Damage may come to your buildings or property. Commercial insurance will defer the costs of these certain yet unforeseeable things.  

If you would like to learn more ways you can protect your small business, please contact the friendly staff at Alcorn Insurance Agency, serving Centralia, IL. 


How is your Illinois health insurance plan can help you.

Having proper insurance is very important for all people. For those that live in the Centralia, IL area, one of the most important forms of insurance to have is health insurance. A health insurance plan and policy can help people a number of different ways. 

Provide Protection for Health Issues

The main reason why you need a health insurance plan in Illinois is that it will provide you with protection if you end up struggling with any number of health-related issues. If you become sick, get hurt, need mental health support, or suddenly need a prescription, the cost of this care can be very expensive. For someone without insurance, it is often impossible to pay for. Because of this, people tend to neglect their health more, which only makes the matter worse. When you have health insurance, you will be able to see the doctor and be cared for at a reasonable expense.

Ensures Compliance

Today, all people are required by law to carry health insurance at all times. While it may seem like this is very expensive to comply with, there are a number of ways that you can gain access to affordable healthcare. These affordable options can provide you with the support and care that you need to get well without going broke. 

Getting health insurance in Illinois is very important. When you have health insurance, you will be in compliance with the law and will have protection if you get hurt or sick. When you are ready to start looking for your next health insurance policy, you should reach out to the Alcorn Insurance Agency. The team at the Alcorn Insurance Agency can help a Centralia, IL area resident choose the right health insurance policy for their situation. 

Does a Renter’s Policy Help Cover Damage Deposits?

A renter’s policy is far more helpful than you might imagine in a few different ways. Not only does a renter policy help to cover the cost of replacing items that are destroyed, but it can also help pay your damage deposit. For those that live in the Centralia, IL area, the agents with Alcorn Insurance Agency can help you find the perfect policy.

Renter’s insurance is a must for anyone that is renting a space to live in that it helps to cover extreme losses such as recovery after a fire or other large scale damage. This type of policy helps to cover issues that pop up when your rented space catches fire for instance, if it becomes uninhabitable, or if other major damages are reported. Some policies may help to pay damage deposits if your apartment is fully destroyed for example but your landlord still seeks the deposit.

For the most part, a renter policy is going to work as a home policy in that it helps to cover the cost of your belongings and can even help to cover some medical costs if you are injured in the rented space as a result of the disaster that destroys the rented space. Your renter’s policy is going to help cover costs if you cannot live it the rented space because it is not habitable, the cost of recovering belongings and possessions that are irreparably damaged and so on.

It is always best if you are getting a renter policy or any other policy you may be unfamiliar with to take the time to speak with an agent to find out specifically what it covers. For those that live in the Centralia, IL area, the agents with Alcorn Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that is right for you.  

4 Reasons to Purchase Boat Insurance Today

No matter how big or small your boat may be, purchasing boat insurance is vital to the long-term maintenance of your boat. For residents of Centralia, IL, the following is an overview of 4 reasons to purchase boat insurance today. 

Property Damage

Various types of property can go overboard or incur other types of unexpected damages. By purchasing a boat insurance policy, you will be able to travel with the peace of mind of knowing you and your passengers’ belongings are covered. 

Liability Coverage

In addition to that, liability coverage is also vital to boat owners of all kinds. No matter how big or small your boat may be, it can still cause massive damages. By purchasing a boat insurance policy, you can make sure you are covered in case you cause an accident. 

Flexible Coverage

Offering a wide variety of deductibles, limits, discounts, and coverage options, boating insurance is actually much more customizable than many other types of insurance.

Injury Protection

Lastly, if you or someone else becomes injured, you will certainly need the proper coverage. Medical bills can be quite costly and one accident could put you on the hook for thousands or even millions of dollars. However, by purchasing a policy beforehand, you will avoid issues such as this one.

For those living in Centralia, IL, Alcorn Insurance Agency is an excellent option for securing boat insurance coverage. No matter what your coverage goals are or what your boating life entails, one of their well-trained representatives would be glad to assist you. Simply call, stop by, or visit Alcorn Insurance Agency today to find out how to start your coverage immediately.

Is Umbrella coverage worth the cost?

Many people go back in forth on whether or not it is important to purchase an umbrella insurance policy, it is, after all, an extra expense to your annual insurance costs. One should seriously consider purchasing an umbrella policy for financial protection. An umbrella policy is almost always worth it, but if you have certain situations, it is more than worth the cost. If you are Centralia, IL area and are interested in determining whether an umbrella policy is right for you, please reach out to an agent at Alcorn Insurance agency.

If you have a dog it is definitely worth purchasing an umbrella policy. Dog bites are one of the most common claims made under umbrella policies. If your dog bites someone, there is likely to be high medical bills as well as potential damages in a lawsuit. In addition, many homeowners policies exclude coverage from dog bites, so the umbrella policy will act as a primary policy.

If you have a teen driver at home, an umbrella policy will certainly be worth the cost. Unfortunately, even the best-trained teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident. An umbrella policy will offer you peace of mind in the event your teen is in an accident.

If you are in a profession in which you might be accused of libel or slander, it is imperative to spend the money on an umbrella policy. Umbrella policies are one of the only coverages that will offer you protection in the event you are sued for libel or slander.

If you live in the Centralia, IL area and are interested in learning more about the type of claims an umbrella policy will protect you against, please reach out to an agent at Alcon Insurance agency today.


What is covered with condo insurance?

If you are in the Centralia, IL area, one of the best long term investments that you could make would be the purchase of your own home. For those that want to own real estate, buying a condo could be a good option as it will often come with fewer maintenance obligations. If you do own a condo, getting condo insurance could be a good option as it will provide you with a lot of protections.

Provides Liability Protection

One advantage of having condo insurance is that it will provide you with liability protection. You could be found liable if someone is injured in your home or if a leak in your home causes damage to another unit in your condo building. When you have liability insurance included in your condo insurance policy, you will receive coverage for these risks. Most condo association boards also require that you carry this type of insurance at all times as it will provide protection to all other unit owners as well.

Protects Your Assets

A condo insurance policy will also provide you with protection for all of your assets. When you have condo insurance in place, it will provide you with protection in the event that your home is damaged by a fire, storm, or any other type of loss creating event. This insurance policy can also provide you with protection for your personal belongings that you own and are under your roof.

If you own a condo in Centralia, IL, the first company that you should call to discuss your condo insurance needs is the Alcorn Insurance Agency. When you speak with the Alcorn Insurance Agency, you will be able to learn more about how condo insurance can help you and why it is a necessity. 

Does Every Life Insurance Policy Include Accidental Death?

There is a certain level of confusion that exists when it comes to Centralia, IL residents and their life insurance policies. Accidental death is one of the most commonly discussed aspects of these policies and some may make the mistake of assuming that each policy automatically includes this form of coverage.

Is accidental death coverage included in life insurance policies?

In many cases, accidental death coverage is believed to exist as an alternative to life insurance. Most insurance brokers offer the coverage packages on a separate basis. Accidental death coverage is only available to those who pass away unexpectedly because of a true accident.

Homicides, motor vehicle accidents, and bike accidents are included among this coverage. However, death that is caused by an illness or takes place due to natural causes is not. Some may decide to choose a policy that provides coverage if dismemberment occurs as well. This coverage is designed to assist those who have lost a limb. 

Will we need to buy a separate policy for accidental death coverage?

Yes. While accidental coverage can be added to the majority of life insurance policies, it is not going to be automatically included. The coverage that can be obtained with an accidental death policy may provide the necessary peace of mind for the insured in a way that the average whole life or term life insurance policy cannot. 

Those who plan on purchasing accidental death policies must school themselves on the coverage that they are actually receiving. The coverage will longer be applicable once the insured has reached a certain age (depending on the state) and cannot be used to cover a death that took place due to surgery or illness. 

Alcorn Insurance Agency is here to provide Centralia, IL residents with the assistance that they need when it comes to choosing the proper life insurance policy. Be sure to give us a call as soon as possible. 

What is Included in Your Commercial Insurance Policy?

Commercial insurance should be at the top of your list of things to purchase for your new business. Not only is it required by law, but this type of insurance will keep your business safe from property damage, injured employees, or damage to customers’ items. Finding the right insurance company in the Centralia, IL area is the first step in obtaining this type of insurance. Alcorn Insurance Agency is a knowledgeable, dependable insurance company in the area for you to consider. Another step in getting the right insurance is knowing what policy options are available to you. The most common policies are as follows.


In the unfortunate event that there is an accident among your customers, employees, or you, liability insurance will keep you protected. The most common things that are covered by this insurance are medical expenses and lawsuits or legal fees.

Commercial Auto

Do you plan on delivering goods or services to your customers? Then it is crucial that your vehicle is covered by commercial auto insurance. This policy acts in the same way that traditional auto insurance does. However, it also keeps other drivers or passengers from coming after your company if there is an auto accident. Coverage for the vehicle and employees, medical expenses, liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage are typically included with this policy.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, then you need workers’ compensation insurance. Let’s say that an employee is diagnosed with a medical condition after many years as an employee, such as carpal tunnel syndrome from hours spent at a computer. Workers’ compensation will pay the medical expenses the employee will need.

Commercial Property

Accidents happen and sometimes there is no way around it. Commercial property insurance will protect your assets, building, and any other business items that are damaged.

Having insurance in the Centralia IL area is required by law. Do your research to determine which insurance company is right for you, such as the Alcorn Insurance Agency.