Does Every Life Insurance Policy Include Accidental Death?

There is a certain level of confusion that exists when it comes to Centralia, IL residents and their life insurance policies. Accidental death is one of the most commonly discussed aspects of these policies and some may make the mistake of assuming that each policy automatically includes this form of coverage.

Is accidental death coverage included in life insurance policies?

In many cases, accidental death coverage is believed to exist as an alternative to life insurance. Most insurance brokers offer the coverage packages on a separate basis. Accidental death coverage is only available to those who pass away unexpectedly because of a true accident.

Homicides, motor vehicle accidents, and bike accidents are included among this coverage. However, death that is caused by an illness or takes place due to natural causes is not. Some may decide to choose a policy that provides coverage if dismemberment occurs as well. This coverage is designed to assist those who have lost a limb. 

Will we need to buy a separate policy for accidental death coverage?

Yes. While accidental coverage can be added to the majority of life insurance policies, it is not going to be automatically included. The coverage that can be obtained with an accidental death policy may provide the necessary peace of mind for the insured in a way that the average whole life or term life insurance policy cannot. 

Those who plan on purchasing accidental death policies must school themselves on the coverage that they are actually receiving. The coverage will longer be applicable once the insured has reached a certain age (depending on the state) and cannot be used to cover a death that took place due to surgery or illness. 

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