What is Included in Your Commercial Insurance Policy?

Commercial insurance should be at the top of your list of things to purchase for your new business. Not only is it required by law, but this type of insurance will keep your business safe from property damage, injured employees, or damage to customers’ items. Finding the right insurance company in the Centralia, IL area is the first step in obtaining this type of insurance. Alcorn Insurance Agency is a knowledgeable, dependable insurance company in the area for you to consider. Another step in getting the right insurance is knowing what policy options are available to you. The most common policies are as follows.


In the unfortunate event that there is an accident among your customers, employees, or you, liability insurance will keep you protected. The most common things that are covered by this insurance are medical expenses and lawsuits or legal fees.

Commercial Auto

Do you plan on delivering goods or services to your customers? Then it is crucial that your vehicle is covered by commercial auto insurance. This policy acts in the same way that traditional auto insurance does. However, it also keeps other drivers or passengers from coming after your company if there is an auto accident. Coverage for the vehicle and employees, medical expenses, liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage are typically included with this policy.

Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, then you need workers’ compensation insurance. Let’s say that an employee is diagnosed with a medical condition after many years as an employee, such as carpal tunnel syndrome from hours spent at a computer. Workers’ compensation will pay the medical expenses the employee will need.

Commercial Property

Accidents happen and sometimes there is no way around it. Commercial property insurance will protect your assets, building, and any other business items that are damaged.

Having insurance in the Centralia IL area is required by law. Do your research to determine which insurance company is right for you, such as the Alcorn Insurance Agency.