Are Safe Driving Apps Beneficial?

At Alcorn Insurance Agency, every agent is trained to help the residents of Centralia, IL get the best insurance coverage policy for their vehicles. There are several tools that can be used to help drivers maintain a safe driving record and keep their risk of being involved in an accident low. Both insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers offer safe driving apps that help drivers identify areas where they can improve in terms of safety and vehicle maintenance.

How Safe Driving Apps Work

Safe driving apps are used to monitor how well a person drives the vehicle. A mobile app is downloaded to your phone or another smart device. The app then syncs with a program in the vehicle’s computer. The two are constantly communicating and exchanging information. Many insurance companies use the apps to monitor how a person drives under various conditions. The apps provide them information about when a person is most likely to be driving and the length of each trip.

Do They Really Help?

Safe driving apps identify areas where a driver may need some improvement, such as speeding, hard breaking, or using turn signals when appropriate. Each month, the app provides the driver with a letter grade (A+, A, A-, etc.) depending on how well they remained in compliance with the law and practiced safe driving habits. The feedback provided helps drivers to improve their skills and keep their insurance premiums low. 

In Centralia, IL, residents can turn to the agents of Alcorn Insurance Agency if they have questions about safe driving apps and how they work. Call and schedule an appointment with an agent today to find out how you can use the apps to improve your driving skills.