Why Retirement Doesn’t Mean Drop Life Insurance

When one thinks about life insurance in Centralia, IL or elsewhere, it’s generally in light of protecting one’s family and loved ones. However, as the kids move out and go to college and the home becomes an empty nest, that world to protect becomes smaller and smaller. Eventually, it’s just the spouse and the protector who, if they planned well, have put away enough assets to ensure retirement is taken care of. So why in the world would life insurance still be needed? It’s a question a lot of folks answer too quickly, getting rid of their policy and then finding out the hard way why it was a mistake.

The fact is, life remains generally unpredictable. We make go through life entirely fine only to suddenly get a fast-moving medical condition in old age. We may be in an accident no one expects. We could travel and get hurt completely randomly in a way no one ever anticipated. The point is, life happens, and people still leave this plane of existence earlier than they planned to, leaving loved ones behind with everything else that has to be taken care of. And that can be extremely expensive. According to cases seen in Centralia, IL alone by the staff at Alcorn Insurance Agency, funeral costs could reach as much as $25,000, taxes still have to be addressed on property transfer, bills have to be paid even if expected income no longer occurs, and in this day and age seniors may still have a mortgage on a home. All of those issues require ready cash available to avoid further problems after the passing of a loved one. But there are real-time, practical life insurance solutions, and Alcorn Insurance Agency can help. Give them a call to find out more today.