When Can You Claim Boat Insurance?

A boat insurance policy is designed to cover you in the event of damage to or loss of your boat in Centralia, IL and beyond. A boat insurance policy from Alcorn Insurance Agency covers fishing boats, paddle boats, yachts, leisure boats, and even personal watercraft. A boat insurance policy covers property damage, liability, collision, and bodily injury liability.

However, if you purchase a comprehensive policy, then you will be reimbursed if your boat is stolen, vandalized, or damaged as a result of an incident that isn’t a collision. Although most boat owners purchase a boat insurance policy, they don’t know when they can file a claim on their coverage. Read on to find out when you can file a boat insurance claim.

When Should You File a Claim?

The most appropriate time to file a boat insurance claim varies depending on the type of policy, coverage, and of course, the event that occurred. Some decisions are straightforward and easy to make. For instance, you should file a claim if your boat is either involved in an accident, sinks or if it burns. You should also file a claim if a guest slips and falls in your boat resulting in bodily injury.

The most commonly used coverage of a boat insurance policy is the property damage coverage since it covers all form of damage to the boat itself. If your boat engines fail and you discover that it will cost you a lot of money to repair it, don’t be afraid to file a claim.

You should also file a claim if any form of injury occurs on your vessel. The medical payment coverage is meant to settle the hospital bills arising from such cases. The policy covers your guests in Centralia, IL and beyond. The liability coverage is designed to protect you against expensive lawsuits that may be filed against you.

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