When should A Business Consider Fleet Insurance?

Business owners who live in or near the Centralia, IL area may need to think their commercial insurance policy, especially if they have purchased any vehicles for company use. The agents of Alcorn Insurance Agency can explain the benefits of fleet insurance and help you determine whether or not it would be beneficial for your business.

What Is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance is a policy that covers vehicles that are used for business purposes. This can include delivery trucks, limousines, company cars, and semi-tractor/trailers. Vehicles covered by this type of policy are normally only used for purposes related to the operations of the business. A company car that an employee drives to and from work may be covered under fleet insurance, but accidents that occur during personal use may not be. The employee’s personal policy will have to be applied.

When Should You Consider Adding It to Your Commercial Policy?

Fleet insurance should be considered if your business owns or maintains two or more vehicles used for business purposes. The more vehicles the business owns, the higher the risk of liability. Purchasing fleet insurance is the best way to protect your company from financial disaster if an accident occurs involving a vehicle that is owned by the business. 

At Alcorn Insurance Agency, highly trained agents are always available to evaluate your existing commercial insurance policy. They can go over any changes that you have made over the last few years and find a policy that best suits your needs. Contact their office today if you have added vehicles to your inventory and want to learn more about affordable fleet insurance.