Final Expenses and Life Insurance

The old saying is that the only two things assured things in life are death and taxes. While extremely cliché, death is one of the things that we will all have to face eventually. With this in mind, we need to think hard about what we leave behind for our family and loved ones.

According to national statistics, the average cost of a funeral in our country is currently somewhere between seven and ten thousand dollars. Keep in mind that this only accounts for the funeral services and burial alone, not the extra costs of arranging an estate, travel of family to the funeral, and other costs.  For the average American family, this is an incredible burden. 

Putting together a savings account for your funeral is not exactly a reasonable thing to do. However, a solid life insurance plan can go a long way in helping with this financial situation.

Life insurance comes in a wide variety of types and coverage levels. There are affordable coverage available for almost anyone who is looking for it. However, shopping for coverage on your own can be difficult and confusing, as the language in policies can be difficult to grasp. 

We here at the Alcorn Insurance Agency, serving the Centralia, IL area, are here to help you figure out exactly how much coverage you need and what will fit within your budget. We have experienced agents who can help you get quotes for different levels of insurance coverage. Contact us today to help you and your family have a peace of mind when it is time to take care of your final expenses.