3 ways to save money on your next move

When you’re moving, it can very easy to blow through thousands of dollars without really knowing where it all went.  Packing all of your possessions can take weeks, during which time you can find yourself running to the store on a daily basis for more supplies and other expenses.  There are ways to save some money when you move, however.  If you’re going to a new home in the near future, try these tips.

  1. Sell before you leave.  About two months before you plan on moving, have a yard sale to get rid of items that are too expensive or difficult to move.  For long moves, really think about the cost per pound to move various items in your home, versus how much it will cost to replace them.
  2. Clean out your closets.  If you haven’t used something in a year, then you don’t need to move it.  Try to sell it in your yard sale, or give it away to someone who can use it.
  3. Consider moving in stages.  If you have a local move, consider overlapping your leases or mortgages so that you can move small items, such as kitchen gear, ahead of hiring a moving company for the big stuff.  You’ll cut down on the amount you pay the moving company, and you can reuse your moving boxes.  This method takes a lot of planning, but it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Of course, if you really need to save money, look towards the amount you pay for your homeowner’s insurance.  Moving is a good time to look for a new policy.  Call Alcorn Insurance Agency to get a quote for a new policy.